Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Clean your liver with one sip. Amazingly simple!

Healthy liver = vitality = energy = look and feel great = life is amazing! Soooo....

So your liver is "kinda" impotent, it does all sort of amazing things for us like helps digest stuff, make proteins and gets rid of bad stuff.

Now I know most of us ( me too ) don't like the idea of these long detox programs that take weeks or months to go through and most of us ( me too ) like a quick fix solution.

So here it is.

Lemon. Olive oil. DONE!

Mix equal parts and drink, best in morning before any other food or drink.
1 table spoon is good and all you need.

you will feel better and look better in no time ;)
do it for a few days.
I would just like to add that doing those long detox programs are AMAZING and you should if you can as well, this is more of a good maintenance plan.

Namaste and Cheers!
drink uP

SjD @ yoga108bali

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