Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ending negitive karma

It should not be important how people treat us.
Important is how we treat our self and how we treat others.
In Buddhism there are many positive way to react when people treat us bad.
First, it is an opportunity to practice patient and tolerance.
Try to understand that these people are also suffering under the power of their desire, aggression, ignorance, pride, jealousy, etc. etc.
They have no control over themselves and we should not take these experience personally.
Second, we can take these difficult people as our Teacher giving us the opportunity to practice what has been just said.
Third, sometimes when we are hurt, it is our ego being hurt. 

Being hurt are just feelings and feelings come because of our ego thoughts. 
We should learn to 'let go' of these thoughts. 
This is easier if when have some kind of meditation experience.
Fourth is to accept the fact as stated by Buddha and Masters; that whatever happen to us is the result of our karmic result from past lives and this one. 

If we react negatively, the negative karma will continue into future lives. 
When we react positively, we will end the continuous round of negative karma
Bottom lineis, we should not be moved by the 8 worldly winds of;
praise and blame, gain and loss, pain and pleasure, fame and disrepute.

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