Monday, December 30, 2013


Our beloved Master,
...It seems that the mind gives us
the illusion of control over life, while
awareness makes us responsible
for our lives.....Is not the turning point
recognizing the difference between
being in control and being responsible?

Manisha, even the word " responsible " is a
different name for control.
...A man of consciousness drops both
control and responsibility. That does not
mean that he is irresponsible; it simply
means he becomes spontanious...
...The word " responsible " is contaminated
by the missionaries of all the religions;
hence, I would like not to use the word
" responsible " I would like to use the
word " spontanious "....
...When the mind is dropped you function
spontaniously.... Your song, your dance,
your silence, your words...all comes out of
spontaneity. They are not irresponsible;
they cannot be....But I don't want to use
the word " responsibility ". The word is
perfectly good, but it has become
contaminated in its use by religions to force
things upon you...
responsibility towards your parents,
responsibility towards your children,
responsibility towards society....
responsibility towards everything !
And they have used responsibilty
just to repress your spontaneity...
...Otherwise, the word in itself is
very beautiful. If it can be cleaned off
- a good dry cleaning ! - then it has
to be broken in two parts:
RESPONSE - ABILITY ..Then it will be
equivalent to spontaneity....
...But why unnecessarily dry clean
when a fresh word is available.....


' If we penetrate deeply into all aspects and all areas of life, we will find that
hidden behind everything is love....we will discover that love is the force,
the power and inspiration behind every word and every action. This applies
to all people. irrespective of race, caste, creed, sect, religion or what work
people do....'

Amrithanandamayi ~ Amma.

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